Locomotion No. 1 from 1825

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This was among the first steam locomotives that were produced for regular railway operations

Locomotion was the number one of four delivered from Robert Stephenson & Co. to Stockton and Darlington Railway. It was delivered to the opening of the railway on September 27, 1825.

The locomotives were designed by George Stephenson as a further development of a locomotive he had made for the Killingworth coal mines in 1814.

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Locomotion pulled both passenger and freight trains on the "Stockton and Darlington Railway". Mostly coal from Darlington to the harbour in Stockton-on-Tees, using the so called "Chaldron" waggons which, until then, were pulled by horses. A chaldron is an old measure that varies with time and place, in this case it was probably a Newcastle chaldron, around 2,6 ton.

    On this early locomotive the two
engines are located in the centre
pulling the front and back wheels.
Only later it were common to place
the engines on each side of the
The cylinders and valve gear were
inside the boiler, the mechanism
working within the framework on
top ensures that the piston rods
are moving straight up and down.
The slide valves are moved by rods
connected to an eccentric on the
front wheel axle.
The rods controlling the valve gear
could be dismantled and controlled
by hand. Probably to reverse.
Steamvalves for cylinders were
inside the boiler and operated
by a rod through the boiler wall.


Below a chaldron for coal and a freight waggon from around 1820. Until then, these kind of waggons were pulled by horses.
    The waggons are from around 1824, they got the
same kind of wheels as locomotions tender.
Newer chaldrons are bigger with stronger wheels.
The train was made for MSTS and later for ORTS.
There is no cabview or cabview sound. Drive in
Headout view and watch the working engine.
If your train contains a chaldron with a worker,
you may use the passenger view as well.
You get locomotive, tender and 4 waggons.
  • Chaldron_tom (empty waggon)
  • Chaldron_fuld (filled with coal)
  • Chaldron_slut (with a worker)
  • goods (a freight waggon)

  • Includes documentation in English.